Well… Here it goes!!!

Hello! My name is Bridget! After spending months reading and commenting on blogs, I have finally gathered the nerve to start my own! I guess I just want to be part of a new community of sorts! I was an elementary school teacher for 4 years (unitl May 30th of this year) until I moved to Chicago just over a week ago! I am originally from this area, so It is SO good to be home. I just moved in with boyfriend, and we are having fun just being in the same city as each other!

I am obsessed with fitness. When I say obsessed… I mean OBSESSED. I get so upset if I miss a daily run. I generally run 4-5 miles a day, and I LOVE it!. I have recently started lifting weights as well. I admit… I am terrible at it, and I am working on getting better about it. I am actually such a religious runner, that some would say it is a bit of a problem. I get super cranky if I miss a run. I’m also really bad about taking rest days. I am working on that… But seriously… I hate to make excuses, but could you skip a run if you got to see this view everyday?!?


That’s what I thought… It’s hard not to smile throughout the entire run. I have learned a thing or two about running since moving to the citiy… I’ll get to those lessons on another post.

I try to be as healthy of an eater as possible. I don’t enjoy eating anything that contains ingredients that I am unfamiliar with. I also avoid sugar like it’s the plague. I am in love with stevia as a sweetener. It has been a life-saver for me since I grew up with a total sweet tooth.

That being said… I LOVE cooking and baking. I never judge people on what they eat, because it drives me crazy when people question my eating habits. I will make my boyfriend and any member of my family, a peanut butter filled cupcake and enjoy watching them eat it, but there is NO WAY I will touch it! I just feel icky when I eat stuff like that. I am all about healthy fats, healthy carbs, and healthy… well… everything. I do, however, spurge on occasion. I plan on posting lots and lots my successful recipes. We’ll see how often that happens.

I am really hoping to get to know lots of people, and learn some great lessons. I know I am not perfect and have lots of areas that I need to improve upon. I have already learned so much from reading all of your blogs every day!

My boyfriend and I had sashimi for dinner tonight (tons of protein) so I’m planning on running a bit longer tomorrow! I hope you all had a great day!





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