Protein Rocks my Run!

I’ve been doing a lot of reading in the healthy lifestyle blogging world. It seems that everyone agrees that our bodies respond very differently to different food groups. My sashimi addiction has proven to me that protein really fuels my running. Since I run every day, I haven’t been feeling completely satisfied after meals. I don’t really eat a lot of meat, but I work protein into my diet by eating soy products, eggs, and almond butter. While on a recent run I thought to myself, “Wow! I feel like I could run forever!” I love when I get these feelings. It reminds me why I enjoy running so much! Anyway… I started contemplating why I was feeling so good and I realized that I had eaten sashimi and edamame the night before. Edamame is another awesome source of protein! I decided to actually pay attention to what I eat and then how I felt on my run the next day. It seemed that I had my best runs following a high protein meal.

For anyone else reading this: If you’re noticing a spike in your endurance or energy during your run or workout, try thinking about what you put in your body that day or the day before… It might really surprise you! I’m trying to alter my meals to contain more animal protein which is tricky because I really don’t eat a lot of meat besides seafood.

Sooooo I had an awesome weekend! My friend came in from the Quad Cities to visit me and another friend! I’ve been missing her so much! My new life mission is to get her to move here! Which means I need to convince her boyfriend that he needs to live here as well.  This is a VERY difficult mission since neither one of them likes the city very much… very difficult yet not impossible. We went to the zoo, went on a 4 mile walk just to go to forever 21, ate pasta (LOTS and lots of pasta), and acted totally silly! She tried her first Potbelly sandwich (which she is now obsessed with) and she went on her first trip to Trader Joes!  There is still so much she needs to try including but not limited to: Lou Malnatti’s deep dish and Portillo’s chocolate cake shake! It was sad to take her back to the train station today. I hate saying goodbye! She needs to come back soon!

union station


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