I recently received some awesome news! This called for a celebration! My boyfriend planned an awesome date night that was perfect for me! We got some amazing sashimi take-out, opened a bottle of wine, and binge watched “Orange is the New Black”! It is such a great show. If you haven’t watched it yet… you should. SO GOOD!


Did you notice the size of those sashimi pieces?!? They cut it up just right!

After a few episodes, we walked to a bar, tried some new beer, then ended the night with some frozen yogurt. SUCH a good night! I’m a lucky lady.

Switching topics completely… Cross Training!

I am the worst at cross training. I have the hardest time forcing myself to do any other workout besides running. It is something that I have been working on since January (a semi-failed New Year’s resolution). I tried hot yoga for a few months, and I actually loved it! The only reason I stopped going, was because it was super expensive. I actually was feeling really strong while I was doing yoga. I’ve recently started doing some minor strength training. When I say minor, I mean super minor. I end up doing two sets of squats, two sets of lunges, some sets with dumbbells, and some ab work before I get completely bored out of my mind and leave. I don’t even break a sweat, so I KNOW I’m not putting much effort into it. I’ve been looking around on pinterest for a good regimen for runners, but I just don’t know enough about weight training. I suppose the search continues…

Before receiving my awesome news the other day, I had set some rewards up for myself. I had been telling myself that once I achieved my goal (my awesome news) I would finally buy myself a new pair of running shoes (because mine have seen WAY more than 3oo miles), and I would treat myself to a local race. So let the fun begin! Hopefully I’ll have time to pick out a new pair of kicks, and I’ll start researching a race I want to participate in. I’m super excited!

Here’s a pretty pic for you:


I run by this park a lot, and have decided that I REALLY want to have a picnic here! On nice days, people are scattered all over the grass with their kids, dogs, friends, or a combination! The weather has been a little weird lately, so I haven’t had a good day for it yet. Hopefully soon!

If you have any good cross training ideas for runners, I’d love to hear about them!

Also, if you know if any fun races in Chicago (5k-half marathon) let me know!


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