The nasty blanket of fog that was chillin’ over Chicago all last week finally moved on! On Saturday I could actually see the skyline again while I ran! I could actually feel the sunshine! After feeling a little bored last week during my daily runs, Saturday and Sunday left me feeling super refreshed.



This was an exciting weekend in Chicago. The pride parade was on Saturday! Since the parade is such a huge event, North Avenue Beach was super alive while I was on my run! Fleet Feet (a sporting goods company) had a table set up by the beach and they were handing out cups of water and Gatorade all of the runners! So awesome of them!




Charmin (the toilet paper company) had “Luxury” bathrooms set-up on the beach as some sort of promotion. I didn’t need to go to the bathroom… but if I had, I would have been happy to use these!!


My boyfriend and I met up with some of his cousins at the parade. It was SO fun! I can’t even put into words the amount of happiness and energy that was there! I will definitely try to go again next year!


20140629_131205I actually ended up collecting all sorts of goodies! I was pretty excited about some of the coupons that were being given chucked  everywhere! I ended up with an Akira coupon, Field Museum discounts, Chipotle coupons, taxi coupons… Not bad!!!

Yay for free stuff!

Yay for free stuff!

As mentioned in my previous post, I promised myself a new pair of shoes! I followed through on that promise yesterday, and tried them out today! They are great! I’m a Saucauny girl when it comes to running shoes and I found a great pair that were only $40! I was pretty excited considering what I normally pay for a pair of running shoes!

So without further ado… Meet my new kicks!

20140630_193806Love them!!! While I was on my run, I literally wanted to smack myself for not getting a new pair sooner! Such a bad choice considering how many miles I run… Never again! I think I should treat my poor feet to a pedi… they’ve earned it, right???

Last night was date night again! We got some Kentucky Bourbon Ale (a must-try) and went to a BYOB Thai restaurant called Noodles in the Pot. After dinner we played some Donkey Kong Country on Super Nintendo, went out for a drink, fro yo, and then called it a night! It was great! Our next date night is my choice, and I’m pretty predictable when it comes to dining. I’m leaning towards sashimi (of course), but perhaps I will branch out a bit. There ARE some really interesting Turkish restaurants that I’ve been wanting to try… we’ll see.



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