Independence Day

So something pretty monumental happened during my run the other day… For those that know me, they are very aware of my nearly psychotic addiction to running and my inability to take rest days. I will literally plan my day AROUND my run. It is something that I have been working on improving, but… so far… I have not been successful.

Back to my epic moment… I woke up and my stomach was feeling a little off. I usually run through any stomachache, headache, cramps, etc. so I ate and headed out on my run. I immediately felt terrible! The cramping in my stomach was near unbearable. I told myself that I had run through pain like this on numerous occasions so I pushed through it. I couldn’t wait for the endorphins to kick in and cut me some slack… but they didn’t. After about a mile I started to really slow down and for the first time in I don’t know how long I almost gave myself a rest day. Even though I ended up finishing my run (at a very reduced speed), I was excited that I actually tried to reason with myself.

I have been running for YEARS, and I know how important rest days are. I used to be SO good at taking them. I always used to follow the rule that if my body was telling me to stop running, I stopped. I always would feel 10 times stronger on my run following a rest day. For the last year or so, I have been “trapped” in the sense that I can’t force myself to take a break. If someone even suggests that I take a day off, I usually look at them like they have three heads.

While this may not seem like a big deal to most, it was a HUGE deal for me. The fact that I allowed my mind to debate the idea of resting, makes me think that I am very close to being able to take a break without throwing off my whole week.

It’s Independence Day for our wonderful country, and in a way it is Independence Day for me… a possible beginning to the freedom from my obsession! Happy 4th!


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