Blackened Tilapia

I have to share this recipe that I found recently. I loooove spicy food, and have been craving seafood a lot lately. I was at my parents’ house for dinner, and they know that I am a super picky eater so they asked me to come up with dinner for the night. My parents aren’t into raw fish, so I knew that I could not bring home sashimi (which I would have), so I found a compromise! Blackened Tilapia! I have made it a few times now, both on the grill and on a pan. Both ways turned out great! I usually serve it with asparagus! 

Blackened Tilapia

The smoked paprika MAKES the dry rub! Please do not use regular paprika… it seriously will kill the dish!



I always try to keep my veggies as simple and as healthy as possible. I avoid using butter and cheese to season simply because I am a health nut. I just use lemon, freshly cracked pepper, and freshly minced garlic. I wrap it all up in foil and either bake it or throw it on the grill. DELISH!!

I need to talk about one of my new obsessions… Vitamin Water Zero! All of the flavors are amazing! I also love that they use stevia instead of artificial sweeteners. It’s a great way to get some extra vitamins after a long run!


I had such a great weekend. I had a very low-key 4th of July. I actually was so tired that I didn’t even go out to see the fireworks… I slept! Saturday was really fun. Some friends came down for some drinks, and another one of my friends came out with us, too. We ended up at one of our favorite bars that is actually an arcade (and the games are free). Not a bad deal! On Sunday, my boyfriend and I went and relaxed at his parents’ house. 

Some exciting news: My sister and brother-in-law just got back from Thailand! They were gone for close to 3 weeks, and I missed them like crazy! I am absolutely dying to see all of their photos!


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