They’re Back!

I am so happy that my sister and brother-in-law are back from Thailand/Cambodia! They were gone fore about 3 weeks and I missed them like crazy. Since we are now neighbors, we decided to have “family dinners” once a week. My boyfriend and I host one week, and then my sister and her husband host the following week. Since my sister just got back on Sunday, my boyfriend and I hosted the first of many “family dinners” at our place. I made vegetarian fajitas and quacamole. I also sauteed some chicken for the guys to add to their fajitas. I LOVE making fajitas, because I never follow a recipe. I literally just sprinkle a little of this, a little of that, and alter depending on how it tastes. Turned out amazing, and it was a hit. My sister brought over some delicious itallian wine that went really well with the fajitas. Once we finished eating, My sister and brother-in-law started showing us pics from their trip. They have SO many, that we only got through half. We will have to continue later! Looks like the trip of a lifetime! Can’t wait till our next family dinner!

Speaking of food… There is a delicious cupcake shop that is right down the street from me called, Molly’s Cupcakes. These are the BEST cupcakes I have ever had! They are super delicious and filled with different things. My personal favorite is called the Cookie Monster and it is filled with cookie dough. Holy. Cow. They are incredible. I stopped by there the other day an picked one up for my boyfriend. This one was called “turtle” and was filled with carmel, pecan, and and marscapone cheese. WOAH!



Yesterday, one of my friends came for a visit. We went to my sister’s pool to lay out for a bit. It was a little chilly, so we decided to go shopping. We ended up at this awesome Urban Outfitters surplus store. My friend found 3 cute cropped tops that were 5 dollars a piece! WHAT!?!?!? I had been there the day before with another friend, and I ended up getting two cute rompers for $10 each. How do they make money?? Such a great store! I took my friend to Sushi Para for dinner, and I had my usual sashimi. DELISH!!!



I’ve been having some really great runs this week. The sun has been out, people are on the trails, the water is clear… what more can you ask for. I still need to sign up for a race. I’m not sure If I want to do a 5k or something a bit more intense like a half marathon.

I feel really bad for my sister. She has been benched (on and off) from running for the past few months because of her I.T. band. She used to be able to go on longer runs with me, but not she is limited to 2-3 miles at a time. It was starting to get better, but she overworked it this week.

My silly cat does this every day. She cries and cries until we turn the sink on, and let her drink out of it.


What Chicago race should I sign up for?

Does anyone know of any good exercises or stretches that my sister could do that will help her knee?

Does your cat have an obsession with sink water?


2 thoughts on “They’re Back!

    1. I always leave myself craving Sashimi!! I know… I wish my taste in food wasn’t quite as expensive as it is! I love having my family so close!

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