Rules of the Running Road (Part 2)

Running Clubs: Running clubs are super popular in Chicago. I have also learned that 90% of the time, they are super intense runners that are in these clubs, and they will plow over you if you get in their way! Just let them pass!

Fashion Statements: Before I moved to the city, my sister suggested that I start buying my running clothes from lululemon. I’m sorry… but, I culd not justify spending that kind of money on running shorts and tops. Nike is working fine for me! As I started running the Lincoln Park trails, I quickly noticed that almost every female runner was wearing lululemon! I am starting to feel like running is a beauty contest! I still have resisted the temptation to give into the peer pressure… we’ll see how long that lasts. They do sell really cute stuff…..

Hello!… or not…: This rule was easy to figure out, and easy to follow. People do not want to be your friend, and they usually won’t respond if you say “hello” or “good morning” to them. I makes me a little sad, because in my old city, I would greet and smile at everyone that I passed as I ran. I would encourage other runners to keep up the good work. It was awesome.

Puppy Love: To piggyback on my previous rule, I found a new way to satisfy my desire to socialize as I run… compliment dogs! People here are obsessed with their dogs. OBSESSED. They are like children to them! I’ve had lots of success in telling someone that their dog is adorable, and they will usually smile and respond in some way! Score! Mission accomplished!


My sister’s dog, Ruby, is a true Lincoln Park dog! This is a picture of Ruby in her life jacket. Yes, they make life jackets for dogs!

Today has been wonderful so far! I went for a glorious 5 miles run, and then went shopping with my sister for a bit. I went back to my place to eat my lunch, and then my boyfriend and I went up to my sister’s rooftop pool to swim/tan. Now we are relaxing for a bit before date night! We are going to try out a new restaurant called, Gaslight. The menu looks great (even for my picky taste). Can’t wait! I hope everyone else enjoys their Friday!



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