Running as Therapy

I’ve been so happy since moving to the city, but sometimes crummy things happen…

Crummy Thing #1: I got a speeding ticket it May that I sent in a cashier’s check to pay it off. Last week I received a a letter from the court house saying that I hadn’t paid the ticket! I was freaking out, because I pay EVERYTHING on time. I called the bank to see if the cashier’s check had been cashed, and they said that it had not. Sooooooo I had to pay the ticket (again) and now I have to fill out paperwork at the bank in order to get my money back from the original cashier’s check. SUCH a pain.

Crummy Thing #2: Not only did I get the aforementioned speeding ticket… I also got a red light camera ticket! So long to another $100! I swear I’m not a bad driver! I’ve heard rumors that the city of Chicago is possibly getting rid of the red light cameras… I really hope it’s not just a rumor!

Crummy Thing #3: I mentioned in my most recent post that we were going to try a new restaurant called, Gaslight for date night. It ended up being a total bust because they have NO wait list for seating. It’s all first come, first serve, and there was NOWHERE to sit. So basically, they expect you to act like a vulture and grab a table as soon as someone leaves. Ummmm NO! I’d much prefer get on a wait list, order a drink, and enjoy my date night. I complained a bit, and left. We ended up at a great Irish Restaurant called, The Galway Arms. I had a really tasty grilled chicken salad, and my boyfriend had the traditional corned beef, parsnips, and cabbage.

Crummy Thing #4: The Farmer’s Market got rained out on Saturday morning! Waaaah!

Crummy Thing #5: This crummy thing is by far the crummiest and very serious. One of my friends ended up in a very bad situation on Saturday night. I won’t get into details, but I was (and still am) very upset about it. No one should have to go through what she had to go through…EVER!

When I woke up on Sunday morning, I was so angry. I couldn’t wrap my head around what had happened to my friend. I was also dealing with all of the residual stress caused by the crummy events from early in the week.

Good thing I have the best form of therapy I’ve ever come across…Running. Sunday morning was thankfully super gorgeous. By the time I got back home, I was feeling so much better! Whether it’s hiking, yoga, lifting, kickboxing, or Zumba… Breaking a sweat, and working out is so mind clearing.

The run did not give me my $100 dollars back, it did not convince Gaslight to create a wait list, and it did not get my friend out of a bad situation. The run, my therapy session, gave me 50 minutes of time to meditate, reflect, and organize my thoughts.


These Trader Joe’s flowers that I picked up for $3.99 also cheered me up! It’s amazing what a little color can do for a mood.


Snuggling cats is also very uplifting! Love my feline friends!



6 thoughts on “Running as Therapy

    1. Running always helps my mood!! Thanks! I hope things get better for my friend as well! It’s hard to watch the people you care about go through tough situations.

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