Learning the hard way…

My long silence is not because I have had nothing to say… Quite the opposite. I have had so much happen to me in the past couple of weeks, and things are finally starting to slow down enough for me to gather my thoughts.

Big news first. I tend to put things off until the last minute, and in this case, it was a very bad choice. I’ll try to avoid the graphic details… What I thought was an enflamed cyst in my breast turned out to be an abcess (and a very seriously infected one at that). I basically put off going to the doctor, because breast cysts run in my family, and I thought it would just go away. Well… it didn’t. It got worse and worse. I woke up last Saturday night with such severe pain, that I almost passed out. My boyfriend wasn’t home, my sister and brother-in-law were out of town, so I walked my booty to the emergency room (which luckily is only .4 miles away). This crazy abcess earned me a 4 day hospital stay, two beside drainings, surgery, semi-experimental anti-biotics, perscriptions to various narcotics, and homebound nurse care for the forseeable future.

This was all very traumatic and awful, but I did learn some valueable lessons.

1. So many people love and care about me. My phone was blowing up with text messages and phone calls. My boyfriend, mom, and sister practically lived at the hospital (taking shifts) to ensure that I was rarely alone. My brother talked to me on the phone and my dad was there for my surgery. My beautiful friend Cara and her hilarious roommate, Jackie visited me twice (while I was super drugged up). The came once after surgery (and had to keep me awake so I would not fall asleep in my oatmeal, and they came once the following morning to bring me my favoriteStarbucks beverage!


These are the second flowers my mom delivered to me while I was in the hospital! These came straight from her garden. I love her.

2. I learned that my boyfriend really knows me better than anyone. As soon as I was able to eat again he brought me a big bar of dark chocolate, a kind bar, raw almonds, and a bag of fresh fruit. He knows that I am a super picky eater, and was worried that I wouldn’t eat hospital food. I love him so much, and I am a lucky lucky girl!

3. Rest days really DO suck! I was forced to take 4 days off of running, and it was horrible! I am able to run (at a slow pace) now so I am so happy. The only benefit to the rest days is that I have come to appreciate running 10x more than I already did!

4.My friends also know me well! On Saturday night, my friends Elle and Ben, came to spend the night before an early flight they had out of Ohare.They brought me a growler of my favorite local beer from my old town! Soooo thoughful! My other friends, Amanda and Brad, also came and brought me a HUGE bouquet of flowers! Totally brightens up the apartment… my cats are also very excited about having some pretty plants to chew on!

5. Listen to your body and don’t procrastinate when it comes to health! If something hurts… go to the doctor. I was told that if I had gone to the doctor sooner, I could have avoided a hospital stay. Bad Bridget! Bad!

SInce I was waiting to have surgery, I couldn’t eat (doctor’s orders).Β For the short amount of time that I was allowed to eat, I was comforted that one of my all time favorite meals was on the menu.. OATMEAL!!! I ordered a banana as well, and mashed it all together. I’m telling you… NOTHING has tasted better!


Before all of this craziness, we had a great date night. We started the evening on our rooftop, we went to a great Vietnamese restuarant called, Simply It, and we explored our neighborhood a bit!

Here are some pics from our date night!



20140717_183349 20140717_184651 20140717_184657


It has now been a few days since being discharged from the hospital. Running is becoming less painful each day. I’m getting ready to increase my milage, but I want to wait until the pain is completely gone.

I leave for a family camping trip to Door County, WI on Wednesday so I’m sure I won’t be posting anything during that time (really bad service). I will be sure to take lots of pictures from my runs, eats, and adventures!

I will also try to post once before leaving!


6 thoughts on “Learning the hard way…

    1. I never like overreacting to medical related things… I’ve definitely learned my lesson!!! And thank you, I am feeling a ton better already!

  1. YOu mustve been a litte bit worried! Thank goodness it turned out okay πŸ™‚ It’s like the end of a happy movie πŸ™‚

    By the way, I see you dont have a contact page. Is there an email I can contact you at? πŸ™‚

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