Surprise Date!!!!

Soooo I had absolutely NO internet while in Door County, but I have tons to share!!! I will recap tomorrow. Today I want to share with you about my surprise date night with boyfriend, Kevin. On a whim, he said “let’s go to cafe ba ba reeba for dinner.” Ummmmm yes please!!! Ba ba reeba is a Spanish tapas restaurant in Chicago, and it is fantastic!
We got all dressed up and took a cab to the restaurant. We ordered a pitcher of their best sangria, muscles, prosciutto wrapped dates, grilled octopus, and short ribs. For dessert we had grilled bananas with vanilla ice cream. Soo amazing. The flavors are indescribably good.
I have a couple pics but for some reason they are not uploading… I’ll edit tomorrow and add them in…
The night we got back from camping, I had a strange feeling happen. Kevin and I had to leave really early because he had to work. I didn’t have time to run before we left so I had planned to run when I got home. This was extremely hard for me because it broke my routine, but I tried to go with it. By the time we got home, I was so exhausted and hungry that running was the last thing I wanted to do. But because I am so obsessed and so routine, I knew I needed to run. I actually wished that Kevin would just suggest (or even demand) that I just relax and pig out… I may have actually listened. That’s how strong the desire was. Instead of listening to myself, I ran. I mad at myself for not doing what my body wanted ( or needed), but the fact that my mind was drifting toward the idea of skipping a run and vegging out is pretty amazing to me.
I need to get away from food guilt and getting so stressed about missing a run. What happened to my carefree days when I would pig out on pizza?? I want to be able to enjoy a splurge meal without worrying about it and punishing myself for days to follow.
Switching gears completely… I start orientation for my new job tomorrow! I got a pedi and a no chip mani this evening to boost my confidence! Wish me luck!!!!



These are the muscles… after we devoured them!



Our tasty sangria!!


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