Running Goals

I rarely take advantage of the Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals, but this year was a bit different. I was in desperate need (want) of a Garmin Forerunner to track my mileage and pacing. I am the type of runner who needs to know exactly how far I am running, or I feel like it was pointless. Whenever I want to run a new route, I take my cell phone, turn on my Map My Run app, and go for it. Then, I continuously run the same route day after day after day. And let me tell you… that can get pretty boring, which it turn makes it difficult to get out the door for my run. SOOOO I ordered a forerunner on Sunday night for $30 less than it usually costs. Win!

I am thinking/hoping that my new watch arrives today!!!! I am super excited about it!

I have decided to set a new goal for myself as a runner… I have never really tried to train for any races. I just end up signing up last minute, and doing them. My goal is to sign up for a half-marathon and actually train for it. When I ran my first half, I was just focused on finishing. To actually train for it, and then see how well I do will be really awesome.

Now I just need to pick a race, and sign up for it!!


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