New Garmin!!!

I am SO excited to have finally gotten my Garmin Forerunner in the mail! I had a blast running around Lincoln Park with no planned route! It was much more enjoyable to run without know where I was running to, and how much longer/further I had to go. My dad used to run marathons in his younger years, so he was one of the first people I called to gush about my new toy. He was very excited to hear about it… at least he pretended to be.

As I mentioned in my last post, the little things that people do are sometimes make the biggest difference. Case in point…


My barista put a tiny Christmas Tree sticker on my espresso, and it improved my mood tremendously… I guess stickers cheer up this teacher as well as my students!! Who knew?!?

I’m in a bit of a silent decorating war with my sister. She doesn’t know it, but I am secretly jealous of her Christmas tree, and other various decorations. At this point, my tree is not worth posting a picture of… My boyfriend insists that it is a beautifully decorated tree and that it is WAY better than my sister’s, but he has to say that, right? I have slowly, but surely been buying more and more decorations for my tree in hopes to surpass my Martha Stewartish sister! This is a little sad, right?


This is my sister’s “table scape” that she threw together when we went to her place for dinner… Who has time for this???? Seriously!

I guess I’ll just keep adding to my decorations until I’m satisfied!


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