Trip to the vet

I’m feeling a bit like a bad cat mom, since I have lived in my new place for quite a few months now and my cats had not yet been to the vet! I was able to get appointments for both of my fur babies yesterday.

Soooo here’s the scoop (since I know everyone really cares about the health of my cats):

Odette: Needs to loose a couple of pounds… she literally needs to lose 2 pounds. Apparently, 2 extra pounds on a cat is quite a bit, which makes sense since they are pretty little. I also need to start brushing her teeth! For anyone who knows Odette, they know that this is going to be super challenging! While Odette loves Kevin and me… it is completely on her terms. If she doesn’t want to be touched, DON’T touch her! My vet tried to explain ways to ease her into the tooth brushing. We are going to take this very slowly… Other than being a bit of a hunk-a-chunk and having some moderate gingivitis, Odette is very healthy for an 8-year-old kitty! Good job, Odette!

Phoebe: Is healthy except for some mild allergies. She also has some tartar build-up on her teeth and will need to start brushing. It will be MUCH easier to brush Phoebe’s teeth than it will be to brush Odette’s teeth!

Some SUPER exciting news: Kevin and I are planning our first big vacation together! We are so excited. My sister and brother-in-law are going to help us plan it since they are such big travelers. They seems to know how to get the best rates. Kevin and I already spend a lot of time browsing various travel websites last night. It has been SO long since I have traveled anywhere besides to Wisconsin.

We are thinking that we want a warm destination, and an all-inclusive resort. We don’t want anything that requires too much thinking on our part. The easier, the better!

Any suggestions for a good vacation destination?

Does anyone have some good strategies for getting your cat comfortable with tooth brushing?


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