Another Date Night!

Kevin and I had a date night on Sunday! We went to a Vietnamese restaurant called Simply It. We’ve been there before, and LOVE it. I always end up getting the same thing… pumpkin shrimp soup. SO good!

20141214_185908I would argue that this is the most satisfying soup in the world. Everything about it is perfect!

Before dinner, we went on a walk by North Pond with sister, brother-in-law, and my parents. We went through the conservatory and looked at the train show. I have never seen such HUGE poinsettia plants!


Speaking of Poinsettias… I can’t believe it is almost Christmas! I also can’t believe that I have been able to go for my runs in only one layer of clothes! believe me… I am NOT complaining about this weather. I literally have been  smiling throughout my entire runs. I am so appreciative of this great running weather especially when I have been anticipating a worse winter than last year. I HOPE the weather stays like this ALL winter! I will be such a happy girl!

Speaking of happy girls and Christmas… isn’t this the happiest girl you’ve ever seen???


So much Christmas spirit!


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