Experiences are amazing gifts!!

I’ve always struggled with the questions, “What do you want for your birthday?” or, “What do you want for Christmas?” I NEVER know how to answer that question. I usually tell the inquirer that I don’t know, which isn’t a lie. I am so exceptionally happy with my life, that there isn’t much else that I need/want. Don’t get me wrong… I love being surprised with gifts, and Kevin does not disappoint in that department! For Christmas this year, Kevin and I agreed that all we wanted for Christmas was an awesome night in the city. We did this last year as well, and had such a great time that we decided to do it again!

Wit 1

We first booked a hotel room for the 27th at The Wit in downtown Chicago. We stayed there last year and LOVED it. On Saturday morning, we packed a bag for the night, and took a cab to The Wit. We checked in to our room on the 20th floor (unbelievable view), popped some champagne, and walked to Macy’s. We honestly tried to find something to buy, but neither of us saw anything that we HAD to have.

The tree in The Walnut Room was really cool this year. The lights changed in away to make it look like they were swirling and moving around the tree while simultaneously changing color!

For dinner we went to Cafe Iberico for some tapas. We ordered sangria, and pretty much every shellfish and mollusk on the menu. We stuffed ourselves, and I did not act like a lady as I did so… There was lots of slurping and finger-licking… very cute.

After dinner, we went to Roof, the rooftop bar at The Wit. It was so much fun. We stayed out pretty late, and drank more than our fair share of overpriced cocktails. It was a great night. Better yet, Kevin just bought a GoPro and documented the entire evening!

The following morning was not-so-epic. We both felt like we had been hit by trucks, but it was worth it! I actually managed to run 3 miles on the hotel’s treadmill which overlooked the city. It was pretty much the worst I’ve ever felt on a run. Today, I was still feeling lousy (I’m fighting a cold as well) and was only able to run 3 miles before calling it quits.

If I could just listen to my body, and NOT run when I feel like heck, I would be so proud of myself. Buuuut… Stopping a run after only 3 miles, was a challenge for me, so I’ll count that as a little victory!

I am hoping that I will be feeling closer to 100% tomorrow, so I can get at least 5 miles out of myself!

OH YEAH! I’ve been going on and on about finding a race to run, and I think I’ve decided on my next one. It’s not a half, but it’s a 10 miler. I still plan to do a half sometime in the summer, but I’ll start by signing up for this one. It’s one that I’ve always wanted to do. You get to run across Soldier Field at the end! WHAT?!? So cool. I just need to find someone to sign up with me!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! On to 2015!


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