Looking Back and Looking Forward

2014 has been a great year for me! I didn’t really do a great job of setting goals for myself last year, so I plan to set some goals for 2015!

While most people my age might be going out and “living it up” tonight, I will  ringing in the new year by staying in our warm apartment, binge watching Gossip Girls, crocheting a massive blanket (that I will never complete),and snuggling with my cats! Boring? Maybe. But I am more than happy to be a homebody tonight!

Tomorrow Kevin and I are going to have a date-night-in. I’m in charge of figuring out the meal, and he is in charge of the movie. After our awesome night in the city, I was in need of some relaxing days. Tomorrow will be a really nice way to spend time together! So far, for the food, I’m thinking shrimp is a must. I’m also debating smoked salmon. I am REALLY bad at making seemingly silly decisions.

On to goal talk…

Bridget’s Goals for 2015

Be Healthy

Yes yes yes… “Being Healthy” is a very broad goal that can be broken off into several smaller, more specific goals. I am just not at a place right now where I can get specific. One specific goal that I am working on is being able to branch out as a eater. I am much to restrictive at this point.


I want to continue my daily running, but I want to change my mind-set. Presently, I am very trapped by my “need” to run. I want to be able to go ONE day… just ONE, where I am not constantly thinking about how I will squeeze my run in. I need to accept that taking rest days need to happen every now and then.

Since I do run a lot, I want to give my running some purpose. My goal for 2015 is to complete another half-marathon. No specific time goal. Just to run the whole time, and to finish.

Weight Lifting

I actually set this goal for myself last year, and I failed miserably. I want to start (and keep up with) weight-lifting. I HATE lifting… but I know it is super important.

Accept Myself

I have always had extremely low self-esteem. I have struggled to truly love myself completely. My goal for 2015 is to accept myself flaws and all, and believe me… the flaws are plentiful! I also want to believe that I deserve to be happy, and I want to stop apologizing for being so happy… because I am happy. I have never been in better situation. My life is as perfect as I could ever hope for it to be. Just feels to good to be true sometimes.


Continue to work super hard at my job. I love it so much, and I remind myself daily that I am incredibly lucky to have it.


Go to (and enjoy) the following places: Wausau, Wisconsin for snowboarding, Punta Cana for… well… fun/sun, and Door County, Wisconsin for our camping trip. This will be my first time traveling anywhere besides Wisconsin in an incredibly LONG time.


Get my closets organized in a way that make sense to me… I can’t STAND my closets at the moment! I also want to put in some shelving. I have been saying these things for 6 months, but now it’s in writing. Hold me to it!


Read at least 5 books. I would hope that I would read MORE than 5, but I’ve been so busy with work, and my commute that sleeping always seems to happen before I can even finish a paragraph.


Experiment with cooking different products. I am dying to make octopus. I just don’t really know how to go about it. Octopus doesn’t seem like a cheap thing to mess up. I’ve screwed up scallops a few times, and that was just sad.

I am not a very competitive person by nature, but I hate to fail. By putting these goals on my blog, I will not be able to hide from what I have promised to work on. Happy New Year!


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