I Love/Hate/Need to Run


Call me crazy, but one of my favorite things about waking up (and probably the main reason I’m a morning person) is going for my morning run. I LOVE putting on my running shoes, and hitting the pavement. I love turning my mind on auto-pilot and just enjoying the simple fact that my body is able to run. I love seeing the blue sky, and the Chicago skyline as I run along Lake Michigan. I love seeing my animal buddies at Lincoln Park Zoo (the camels, the ostrich,and the wolves). I love the way my body feels after a long run. My lungs feel refreshed, and my legs feel strong. I feel like an absolute goddess (go with it)! There are so many aspects of running that I love… in decent weather…


The end of October rolls in… then the dreaded time change! I don’t want the extra hour of sleep! I want the extra hour of sunlight! I’m not very comfortable running around the streets of Chicago in the dark. After the time change,by the time I get home from work, It is already dark. I end up running on the treadmill… BOO! At least I still have the weekends! Saturday and Sunday mornings are reserved for my longer lakeshore runs. I appreciate them so much! I start to get in a groove with the treadmill on the weekdays and going outside on the weekends. And then it happens… the polar vortex (the sequel). Now it is negative something degrees fahrenheit, and the ground is covered in ice. Goodbye cherished, outdoor runs… Hello boring, monotonous treadmill… I don’t pretend to love running indoors. I LOATHE it. I get overheated, I get overly competitive with my speed/distance, I have to wait “my turn”, I want to stop. I don’t even want to start these runs. I’d rather stay on the couch and snuggle with a cute kitty!



I have such a hard time getting started with a treadmill run. Maybe I should take a day off… but then I can’t. I NEED to complete my run. I can’t just skip it. It’s only the beginning of January, so I’ll be confined to the treadmill for a while with only a small hope that I will occasionally have the opportunity to run outside. I suppose I will need to find a way to enjoy the treadmill a bit more. More importantly, I need to get over my need to run. It should not be a chore.


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