Best Mom Ever

I had a pretty uneventful weekend, which is totally fine with me! I had two days off of work last week because of the cold temperatures, and ended up pretty active both nights.

Since my sister and I are in the same profession, she also didn’t have to go to work on Wednesday and Thursday. As soon as we got the call on Tuesday night, I packed up my dinner to-go and enjoyed a bottle of wine at her place. If you KNOW you don’t have to work, you might as well enjoy the evening!

On Wednesday, Kevin and I tried to brave the cold by going out, but we whimped out and watched episodes of Fargo instead!

My fantastic brother-in-law had his 29th birthday over the weekend, so on Thursday night, we had my sister and brother-in-law over for dinner. We made shrimp tacos, and guacamole. My brother-in-law has a HUGE sweet tooth so I made him an oreo cream pie for dessert! It was a hit!

Yesterday was really nice. I met my mom at Corner Bakery for coffee and then a bit of shopping.

I ended up buying a book that I am SUPER excited to read:

She is such an amazing runner, and I respect her so much. I can’t wait to learn a few things about training.

My mom was insistent on going to Brighton. She ended up getting me (for no reason) the “Peace Bracelet”. She told me that I could think of it as an early Valentine’s Day gift, or as a “being at peace with yourself” gift. She said that she was so incredibly proud of me for working on getting healthy. I love my mom so much! She is always looking to do things for the people that she loves before she takes care of herself. I am so lucky to have her as my mom.

This is a very stressful week at work. I have a pounding headache, and I just want to get through all of the meetings and evaluations that are scheduled for this week! Good thing I am surrounded by wonderful people!


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