Bikram Yoga and a stressful work week!

OOOOOOH man… I am so happy the weekend is finally here! I wasn’t quite sure that I would survive. I have been blessed and cursed simultaneously with my schedule. Being a teacher, I had two weeks off for winter break, then because of the freaky cold weather I had two days cancelled last week! So technically, this is my first full work week in 3 weeks! I know, your heart bleeds for me, but seriously… the longer the break, the harder it is for me to get back into the swing of my work routine.

Speaking of work… this was a particularly stressful week for me. Between meetings, observations, and various deadlines, this week was nonstop. Buuuut it’s the weekend, and I have made it through the week. Kevin was sweet, and got me flowers to wish me luck on my most stressful day of the week. He also took me out for a crab dinner to celebrate that I had successfully made it through that very stressful day. Love him!

Phoebe always wants to eat my flowers. She is already planning her attack on this bouquet...

Phoebe always wants to eat my flowers. She is already planning her attack on this bouquet…

In January and February, Chicago is generally an icebox. It is absolutely horrible, and I wish I could be like Rip Van Winkle and sleep through these months every year… but since that is not a viable option, I deal with it. I have been mostly confined to indoor running since the first few days of 2015, and I’m not happy about it… at all. I am horrible at running more than 4 miles on the treadmill, so I feel like my endurance is suffering. Last year (during the first polar vortex) I did some hot yoga to supplement my running, and I didn’t hate it. I actually quite enjoyed it, which shocked me. I have a really hard time focusing and staying still which makes yoga a challenge for me. Last weekend, as I laid in bed dreading my treadmill run, I browsed the available Groupons for my area. I found one for 6 weeks of unlimited Bikram Yoga, and saw that it was super close to where I live! I bought it and went that very day (after my boring, indoor run, of course). I felt really stretched out and strong after going, so I went again the following day. I love that they heat up the room! It feels so amazing in this weather. I, like many runners, struggle to embrace cross training. I am kind of proud of myself for doing this. By the time this Groupon expires, spring will be around the corner, and I’ll be back to running longer distances outside!

So it is Saturday morning and I have a ton of goals for today.

1. Eat my oatmeal (almost done with this goal)

2. Treadmill run – probably 3.1 miles or so. It totally depends on how I am feeling.

3. Go to Trader Joes for groceries.

4. Go to yoga

5. Possibly get my hair done

6. Laundry

7. Hang out with cats. It’s Caturday!!!!


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