Ice – 1, Bridget – 0

As an avid runner, I have been told countless times, “If it’s too icy, stick to the treadmill!” That is great advice… if you’re good at listening to advice… or admitting that you are not stronger than nature… I think many runners will agree with me when I say that we often think that safety rules and health rules don’t apply to us. I bring this up, because I decided to challenge the icy lake front trails on Saturday for my run. As I mentioned in my previous post, I had a bad running week last week, so I was determined to have a great week with my running this week. About two miles into my run, I saw that the path was covered with slick ice. A smarter version of me should have turned around, but the invincible careless version on me decided to take on the ice. I knew right away that it wasn’t going to end well for me, and there wasn’t really an “out” so to speak… I ended up slipping and falling. I cut up my right leg pretty badly, but luckily it was all external.

I tend to learn lessons the hard way. Maybe I need to stop listening to that part of myself that says that I cannot be broken.

I would be so upset if I had hurt myself to the point of not being able to run.


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