Valentine’s Day – A day early!

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day!! Kevin and I celebrated on Friday because of work related conflicts. I got home from work (traffic was only moderately awful for a Friday), and went for a quick run on the treadmill. We got ourselves all dressed up and fancy, hailed a cab, and got to our 8:00 reservation at Quartino right on time!

We’ve been to Quartino a few times, so we kind of knew what we wanted to order… Ok… so we intricately planned it out over a week ago… we were a tad excited. We started with a liter of their house rosso. It’s actually very good, and only $20! We also ordered the cheese fondue that came with apples and bread.


The cheese is divine! We actually debated not ordering the fondue this time, because it is so filling. We were really glad that we ordered it, because we were munching on it throughout the entire meal. It’s kind of a must… We also had steamed clams that are served in a garlic and white wine sauce.


I ALWAYS order grilled octopus when it is an option, so that happened. It was very good. It had a bit of a spicy kick to it.


Kevin ordered something new (to us). The seared veal skirt steak. Wow! SO GOOD! Kevin starting chowing down on this dish before I was able to get a picture. The original presentation was so much prettier.


They make many of their pasta dishes in-house. We ordered the cavatalli. It is slathered in a delicious red sauce, and topped with ricotta and basil.


We decided to finish our meal with espresso… or so we thought. Our waiter was super fab, and he offered us a dessert (of our choice) on the house! So nice! Kevin let me pick the dessert. I decided that I was in a banana-y mood so I picked a vanilla gelato that had seared bananas and chocolate. It was beyond heavenly!


We spent the following day catching up on House of Cards and just relaxing. It was so nice! I’m a lucky lady!

I don’t know about all of you, but I have the worst cabin fever ever. The dreadmill has never lived up to its name (for me)… until now. I just want this cold weather to go away so I can get back outside and increase my mileage. Kevin asked me if I was going to sign up for the Chicago Marathon. I responded with a ridiculously obnoxious laugh/snort, and said no. He then asked me, “Why not?” I then said something generic that involved many excuses.

But… his question is valid. Why CAN’T I run a full marathon? I’ve done a half. I never thought I would be able to do that, but I did. I think my first step will be to do the Rock N’ Roll half marathon, and I’ll see how I feel after that. I don’t know why I’m so afraid to commit to a full marathon.


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