We do date night right!

I’m not one to brag… okay, maybe I am… but, Kevin and I have great date nights! I’m usually a huge planner. I like to have my dinner reservation a month in advance. Kevin, on the other hand, is a bit more spontaneous. On Monday, he randomly decided that we should go to a Bulls game on Wednesday. Yes, it would be a late night. Yes, I would work the next day. Yes, I would probably feel like heck the next day. YOLO, my friends. YOLO.

Kevin got us 10th row seats! It was fantastic! Last year, we sat in the 14th row, and that was awesome, too! It’s amazing to actually see the players faces without looking at the jumbo screens. You can actually HEAR the ball bouncing on the court!

The Bulls ended up losing (it was the first game they played after Derrick Rose was injured… again), but it was still great! To be that close to such talented athletes is an indescribable experience.

20150225_192015Okay… I’m going completely out-of-order here, but speaking of date nights… we had another take-out sashimi nights! LOVE it!!


I woke up this morning with such a desire to be outside. Even though weather.com said that it was -4 degrees, I put on all of my cold gear, laced up, and went out. I only lasted 3.3 miles, but it was WAY better than my other two alternatives. The tready or a rest day. For those that know me, that means that there really was only the treadmill as my other option. I’m allergic to rest days.

I am sooooo looking forward to warm weather, but the extended forecast is looking pretty grim. At least I have Punta Cana coming up! My renewed passport just arrived yesterday, so I officially feel like I am going on the trip!


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