Kyoto Sushi

I feel like I talk a lot about sushi/sashimi, and I’m okay with that. Kevin’s parents bought us a Groupon to Kyoto Sushi Restaurant. It’s a BYOB sushi restaurant, that we hadn’t tried since it is a cab ride away. Well, we were in the mood for sashimi (common occurrence), and decided to use our Groupon.

When we arrived, we immediately loved the atmosphere. It is dimly lit, and has an underground feel. We commented on the fact that it felt like a really nice date spot.

Our server immediately uncorked our bottle of wine, and brought us glasses. We ordered edamame and miso soup to start. For our main course we ordered the sashimi patter and some rolls called, snowballs. SO good.



I normally don’t eat rolls of any kind. I stick to the big ol’ chunks of raw fish. Kevin likes to eat a bit of both, and I’ve been a bit braver about eating some of his rolls. I have been enjoying them! I still like sashimi WAY better, but it’s fun to try new things. I just feel like the rice and sauces cover up the taste of the fresh fish… You might as well not put it in there!

I tried a new (new to me, anyway) dessert called, Mochi. I don’t know how else to describe them except little ice cream dumplings. They are delightfully small bites of perfection! We ordered mango and chocolate.


It may or may not become a problem that I discovered that Trader Joes sells Mochi… and it’s good…

On to a much more exciting topic… RUNNING! I managed to get outside to run twice this weekend! It was glorious! Since one of my routes is along North Avenue Beach, I witnessed pure craziness on Sunday also known as The Polar Plunge! The money goes to a worthy cause, so that is awesome. I have a hard enough time managing my body heat, so this activity is NOT one in which I plan to participate. Ever.

Oxymoron of the day: Happy Monday!


7 thoughts on “Kyoto Sushi

  1. The sushi restaurant looks so good! I was happy to enjoy some warm runs this week too. FINALLY after the crazy late winter we had here in the Midwest!

    1. And today is going to be in the 70s!!! I am SO excited to run after work!! Speaking of Sushi, I’m actually going out for sushi again tonight! YUM

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