Crabby Date!

Seeing a title of crabby date, may seem like negative, but it most definitely was meant as a positive. When I say, “Crabby,” I am not talking about the adjective to describe a bad mood. I am talking about the adjective that describes the amazing crab dinner that Kevin took me for last week!

Kevin and I are creatures of habit, so when we go out for certain meals, we have traditions that must happen. When we go out for crab, we follow a very serious routine.

1. Arrive at the restaurant (Half Shell) and sit at the bar. Take two oyster shooters immediately. If you haven’t had an oyster shooter, you must try it! It’s basically vodka, hot sauce, and a raw oyster. SO good!


2. Get seated and order 6 raw oysters on the half shell and a pitcher of Blue Moon. 3. Order two king and snow crab leg dinners!


3. Deep conversations are forbidden. The only talking that can occur is ramblings about how delicious the crab is.

4. Walk (or roll since we are so stuffed) home.

Enough about food… let’s chat about running! I am beyond thrilled that the weather is finally warming up. It’s still not as perfect as I would like it to be, but after running on a treadmill for the better part of the last few months, it feels like a privilege to run outside.

It’s so interesting that spring starts to pop up right when cabin fever is getting to its peak. I was getting to a point where running was a chore. I was SO sick of the treadmill, my playlist, and the tv shows that I would watch during my run… Now, I head outside for my daily run with a smile on my face and a SPRING (pun intended)  in my step.


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