I took a day off? What?

On a weekend: My alarm goes off, I eat oatmeal, I go for a run.

On a work day: I work, I sit in terrible traffic (at times for 2 hours), I eat a snack, I go for my run.

I have an issue. I DO NOT take rest days.

I mentioned that Kevin and I were going to Punta Cana. Well, that trip came and went. It was magnificent! I will post more about the trip later, but there is a reason that I brought it up. It has a lot to do with my “no rest” problem.

Sooo our flight to Punta Cana left at 8:00 am, which meant that we needed to be at the airport around 6:00 am… which meant that we needed to leave at 5:30 am…. which meant we needed to wake up at 5:00 am… So of course, I set my alarm for 4:00 am thinking that I should go for a run before heading to the airport.

With the stress of travel looming over us, we didn’t sleep well, so I didn’t have the energy to run that morning… I immediately went into panic mode, and made Kevin promise that I could go for my run the second that we arrived at our resort. He understands how I am, and agreed that he wouldn’t give me a hard time about it.

By the time we got to our resort, it was dinnertime, and I was starving. I started thinking that I could run after I ate dinner… or I could eat a small snack, go for a run, and then eat dinner.

Then I looked at Kevin, and I looked at the beautiful palm trees. Why was I doing this? I was in the Dominican Republic for the first time in my life with the one person I wanted to be there with, yet I wasn’t present. I was stressing about going for a run. I made a decision that I would skip my run for the day. When I told Kevin, his face lit up, and I could tell that it meant SO much to him.

I’m not going to say that it was easy for me to skip my run, but I’m really glad that I did. I had literally gone for a run every single day since July 20th and 21st because I was in the hospital for those two days. It’s a bit of a relief that I skipped this run, because now when I need to take another rest day, it might not impact me (mentally) as much.

I ran a short 3 mile run every morning for the rest of the trip, which didn’t interfere with our day, because Kevin would just sleep for the few extra minutes.

Kevin was proud of me… I was proud of myself.



4 thoughts on “I took a day off? What?

    1. Thanks! I hope it gets easier! The guilt after taking the day off was the hardest part. I’m actually still feeling somewhat guilty about it, even though I know I was doing something good for myself.

  1. It’s always good to be able to take a rest day w/out completely freaking out about it. I’m glad you’re moving in that direction!

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